What is the secret of this world?

B-Ro's Otaku Cave Cover PhotoHello fellow otaku! I am B-Ro and this is my third attempt at doing a blog.  I know what you are thinking, but there is a reason for the hard restarts, which will be explained in this post along with what you can expect to find on this blog.

So the first thing I will explain is why I jumped from one blog to the next.  I first joined a blog called RishRaff Anime Reviews with two of my friends, LowKev and RishRaff.  The blog was owned by RishRaff and so I started a side project called B-Ro’s Otaku Cave.  After a while RishRaff Anime Reviews pretty much stopped being updated with some talk of posting on it again, but getting nowhere.  While B-Ro’s Otaku Cave died because I just did not have time to write for it and instead of trying to bring it back to life I decided to make a blog that does not have the color scheme that an angsty teen would pick out. So in comes Secret of this World! I mean third time is the charm, right?

So now that you know why I am doing this blog I will tell you what you will be seeing, which is pretty much anything I feel needs to be talked about in the otaku fandom.  If I played an awesome JRPG, watched an awful anime, or something just catches my eye you can bet I will write about it.  Everything will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 on both what I think of it critically and on how much I enjoyed it.  All of my reviews will be as spoiler free as possible while still being able to explain why it got the rating it did.

So, with the first post out of the way let’s go and find the secrets of whatever worlds await us.


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